Teach yourself to be technical.

Entrecoder empowers non-technicals and entrepreneurs to maintain a data-first engineering mindset to improve their careers. Learn how to code so you can solve complex problems in your job, startup and secure your future in tech.

Why you are scared to learn to code?

I'm not technical

If you use a smartphone, social media, or have a job with a computer, you are technical. Learn to understand the code.

I am not good at Math

Math is a bonus, not a pre-requisite. Coding is about creatively writing procedures and dedicating long hours.

I don't know where to start

Learn to code, data-first. This means learn databaseas, then learn how to code the move the data in applications.

It's too much theory

It is in college curriculum and online courses. Don't bother with theory, get a client, overpromise and learn the code.

The syntax looks to confusing

It's learning a language and it's the future. The only way to learn a language is to practice with real projects.

It requires a degree

They say up-to 70% of coders are self-taught. Software changes so fast that the best computer engineers still learn daily.

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