Our mission is to grow the worlds technical talent through entrepreneurship. Our vision is to promote ideas about how to maintain an engineering mindset to solve complex data problems in your field. We believe that procedural and computational thinking is the foundation of understanding software processes and becoming technically sound.

We aim to connect more entrepreneurs and coders to build great technology based products. We expect software to evolve society and drive a more connected way of life through technology-driven products.

Software Principles

Software is a set of tools that, when combined with hardware can dramatically change our way of life. Writing code is a means to solve problems for all disciplines as a means to evolve humanity.

Writing Code is an engineering dicipline. You must learn a language, write instructions, combine code with databases, cloud and APIs to produce something useful. After the idea , comes the code and then the entrepreneurship.

Automation is the ability for computers to do tasks that humans should not or cannot do. Driven by machine learning, artificial intelligence, and robotics, automation is evolving our society by shifting entire workflows to be predictive, personalized and seamless.

Learn what drives software, so you are not driven off the road.